Turn online training into real-world impact

The Kandola+ Inclusive Teams programme leads to 96% of learners becoming more inclusive. 

Our unique 4-step model of behaviour change and interactive learning materials provides people with clear feedback on their inclusion strengths and weaknesses and guides them through a personal action plan. 

The result? Tangible behaviour change in less than 28 days. 

of ideas are lost because different perspectives don’t get heard.
of job seekers consider diversity when thinking about accepting a job offer.
more likely to attract top talent if your organisation is inclusive.


How inclusive are your people? 

How we behave at work has an impact that ripples through our colleagues, team performance, and the overall success of our business. When people feel excluded, they can withdraw, experience poor job satisfaction, and may even decide to leave.   

Created by psychologists and fuelled by Pearn Kandola’s 40-year legacy of helping organisations deliver inclusion, our Inclusive Teams programme ensures learners know exactly what they need to do to be catalysts for inclusive change. 



Our Inclusive Teams programme offers a personalised learning journey that includes expert video lessons, science-based assessments, constructive feedback, and an individualised action plan. This comprehensive approach empowers your team to smoothly apply their new inclusion skills in their daily work, promoting respectful and inclusive interactions with colleagues. By integrating online learning with real-world practice, the programme drives lasting change.


Exclusion hurts! It hurts people and business performance.

To bring about change, people need to understand the impact of inclusion and what it means to be an inclusive colleague.

In step 1 of the programme, inspiring, expert-led videos introduce the concept of inclusion and illustrate how inclusive and exclusive behaviours manifest themselves in the workplace. 



Using our innovative diagnostic tool DRIVE and inclusion tool DIORAMA, people gain deep insight into their own inclusiveness in step 2 of the programme.

The tools provide personalised and objective feedback on each person’s primary motivation for being inclusive, as well as their ability to navigate inclusion dilemmas as they arise.



The intelligent learning platform uses the insights gained in step 2 to create personalised action plans that address identified risks.

These plans provide people with specific actions they can take to cultivate inclusive behaviours in the workplace. 



The final step of the programme allows learners to gauge their progress through inclusion assessments and feedback from colleagues, revealing the tangible impacts of their behavioural changes.  

With our Inclusive Teams programme the ripple effect of personal growth sparks broader change. Individuals feel valued, team bonds strengthen, and organisational performance improves. 



I really found the programme insightful and educational - from hitting home early on the impact of small exclusionary behaviours.

The information in the programmes was comprehensive and provided excellent "real world" examples.

This training was really hands-on even though it was online.

I’ve had colleagues approach me after the meeting thanking me for making them feel listened to and that their opinion was important.

The format of using mini case studies was really impactful.

The scenarios helped me identify more subtle forms of exclusion and got me to think about the most effective solutions.

The programmes made me reflect constructively on how, without meaning to, I could make the situation worse.

This course changed my behaviour!

The most useful part of the programme was learning how to approach what can sometimes be difficult conversations to limit confrontation.

behaviour change.


Goodbye guesswork, hello measurable change.  

Our intelligent DEI learning platform consolidates data from inclusion assessments, offering insights that reveal your organisation’s inclusion strengths and weaknesses.

Track change over time and apply data filters to analyse your workplace diversity and inclusion results in depth.  

Prove your commitment to DEI, support ESG assessments, and elevate B-Corp applications by sharing statistical proof of your positive impact with stakeholders.  

Kandola+ makes it easy to demonstrate transformation through numbers.



  • Attract top talent 
  • Enhance team performance 
  • Drive innovation 
  • Heighten job satisfaction  
  • Reduce absenteeism 
  • Lower employee turnover 
  • Deliver better business performance. 

Drive behaviour change in your organisation with Inclusive Teams training from Kandola+.   


What is an inclusive team?

An inclusive team values and respects the diversity of its members, including underrepresented groups. Inclusive teams actively seek to create an inclusive work environment where every team member feels a sense of belonging, is valued for their unique perspectives, and is empowered to contribute their full potential, creating a culture where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. 

What are the benefits of having an inclusive team?

Inclusive teams not only create a more positive company culture but also result in tangible benefits such as increased innovation, employee engagement and organisational success, with happy and engaged teams tending to be higher-performing and boosting your bottom line. 

How much does the Inclusive Teams programme cost?

We offer a tiered pricing system based on your organisation’s size. For as little as £12,500 per year, you can enrol all of your employees on one of our programmes. With our tiered pricing, there is no restriction on who learns about inclusion in your organisation. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.  

What kind of results can I expect from inclusive teams training?

96% of learners who complete our Inclusive Teams programme become more inclusive in their behaviours towards their colleagues. This can lead to better team dynamics, enhanced employee experience, improved communication, greater innovation and a reduction in reputational risk. 

What should I look for in inclusion training?

To bring about real and lasting change within your organisation, look for a programme that offers:

  • interactive elements
  • personalised learning journeys
  • evidence-based strategies
  • expert facilitators
  • measurable outcomes & analytics
  • real-world application
  • continuous learning.  

You can always start with a free demo of Kandola+ to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs before committing.  

What makes you different from other online DEI learning solutions?

As well as being professional psychologists with 40 years’ experience at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, our learning focuses on achieving real, measurable behaviour change. 

While there are many DEI e-learning solutions out there, none of them get the results we do. We have a completion rate of 83%, compared to an average of just 35% for other providers. We also measure the real-world impact of our programmes, so you can be confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

How do you get such impactful results?

It’s all down to our unique 4-step model of behaviour change and ensuring that learning is engaging, personalised and relevant to learners. Rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach taken by a lot of DEI training, our platform provides learners with personalised feedback on their strengths and areas for development. It then generates tailored action plans, equipping learners with clear steps to enhance their inclusivity and apply these principles in their roles. 

Our intelligent analytics then track these changes in real-time, allowing you to gauge the immediate impact of our DEI programmes on your business with a simple touch of a button. 

How long does it take to complete the Inclusive Teams programme?

To support real and lasting behaviour change, our Inclusive Teams programme encourages people to practise new behaviours and skills in their day-to-day role as they progress through the different stages, so they aren’t designed to be completed in one sitting. Time spent ‘in the platform’ is kept to 60-90 minutes, while embedding new behaviours and habits may take a couple of weeks. Within 14-28 days, new behaviours will be living and breathing in your workplace and your people will be feeling the benefits. 

Can we tailor Kandola+ content to our organisation?

Certainly. We can add a welcome video from your CEO, senior leaders or DEI sponsor, giving you the opportunity to provide an overview of your commitment to diversity and inclusion, the work you’re doing and how the digital programme fits within your inclusion strategy. Costs for deeper modifications to a programme are available on request.

How do learners access the Inclusive Teams programme? 

It’s simple! There’s no need to install any software because our platform lives online and is easily accessed on laptops, mobiles and tablet devices. We also offer two login access options – single sign-on and standard login with a work email and a newly created password.   

How often do you update your Inclusive Teams programme content?

We regularly review and update our learning content to ensure you benefit from our ongoing research and stay aligned with the latest and most effective approaches to fostering inclusion. With Kandola+, your learners will always have access to best-in-class resources and guidance that reflects current best practice. 

Our commitment is to provide you with dynamic, up-to-date content that empowers your team with the latest insights and tools for creating an inclusive workplace. 

Can our employees download programme content for offline use?

Yes. Learners can download their insight reports and action plan resources to use offline.