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Kandola+ is a market-leading DEI learning platform helping businesses to drive inclusion through action, not words.

Built by business psychologists with 40 years of experience in workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, you can count on Kandola+ to help you deliver measurable change throughout your organisation.

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Kandola+ is the digital arm of Pearn Kandola.  

Founded in 1984 by Professor Binna Kandola, Pearn Kandola has been around for a pretty long time, much before words like diversity, belonging, bias and inclusion entered the vocabulary at work! 

For 40 years, our mission has been simple: to make the world fairer.  

We have worked with organisations of all sizes, in all sectors to help them create workplaces where difference is valued so they can reap the DEI dividend: employee engagement, enhanced innovation, better financial performance. 

Keen to speed up the pace of progress, we built Kandola+, an intelligent DEI learning platform that has been proven to deliver more inclusive behaviours within organisations.  

What our clients say

I love Kandola+! Combined with the practical tools and tips, I think this is a really fresh way of thinking about inclusion.

I really like that you can see analytics as a business and have access to data that can be shared with teams.

The power of Kandola+ is that it is couched in theory and research. Exactly what you'd expect from Pearn Kandola!

For our leaders, who seek clear guidance on what they need to do to be more inclusive, Kandola+ has been a game changer. We've seen such great results.

Kandola+ is a very clever learning platform. People love to learn about themselves and I love that people get space and feedback on what D&I means to them personally.


Our long history and commitment have given us an unparalleled understanding of how to create diverse and inclusive organisations.

This understanding has been poured into Kandola+, resulting in a learning platform unmatched for content, personal insights and behaviour change methodology.

Ready to redefine what’s possible? Let’s make it happen!



We don’t just consume research, we create it! To date, we have published over 10 books, 50 chapters and research papers, spoken at hundreds of conferences and produced over 150 webinars and podcasts.

Our knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion is unparalleled.

Access our recent research on weight discrimination in the workplace, and religion at work.

Constantly evolving, our learning programmes are regularly updated to encompass the very latest thinking.

Our aim? To make sure our learning becomes your learning.​




Kandola+ is proud to sponsor the South Asia Cricket Academy (SACA).

SACA is an intervention programme designed to tackle the inequalities highlighted by research regarding the lack of British South Asian (BSA) representation in professional cricket across the UK. 




The Value of Difference: eliminating bias at work

This book dives into the latest research into human behaviour. Join Prof. Binna Kandola as he unravels the mysteries behind bias. Discover why biases exist, how they infiltrate organisations, and uncover the techniques we can adopt to eliminate them.


The Invention of Difference: the story of gender bias at work

Does the only way to achieve gender equality at work lie in accepting the natural and unchangeable differences between men and women? Or is acceptance of difference a blind alley – and a means of perpetuating the very inequality at stake? Psychologists Binna and Jo Kandola show how today’s gender equality stems not from biology or evolution but from social constructs, viewpoints, and bias. Using historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives, they demonstrate how gendered outcomes at work are not natural but artificial. This book explains how we – men and women together – built a world divided between men and women. It shows where our ideas of gender came from, how they operate in the world of work, and what we can do to change them… if we really want to.


Racism at Work: the danger of indifference

Racism has not been eradicated, despite the enormous strides taken over the past 50 years. It has mutated into new and subtler forms and has found new ways to survive. The racism in organisations today is not one of hostile abuse and threatening behaviour. it is not overt nor is it obvious. Today racism is subtle and nuanced, detected mostly by the people on the receiving end but ignored and possibly not even seen by perpetrators and bystanders. Racism today may be more refined but it harms people’s careers and lives in hugely significant ways. Racism in organisations continues to exist due to our complacency and indifference. In his new book Binna Kandola describes the origins and evolution of the race bias that distorts our organisations. He explores the effects of race bias and confronts the actions that we need to take to make organisations truly equal. He challenges us, the reader, to accept that racism is not a thing of the past – yet. But we can make it so.


Free to Soar: race and well-bing in organisations

A sense of belonging and inclusion in the work place is vital for all employees’ wellbeing, yet the default state that minorities find themselves in is exclusion. What’s more, minorities are more aware of negative social cues, which can further distance them from their fellow employees. As a result, not only do minorities’ emotional states decrease, but their performance does as well. This ground-breaking book examines in detail the negative effects discrimination has on minority groups. It looks at the degree to which employees are affected, mentally and physically, by issues such as racial trauma and micro-incivilities. It discusses how wellbeing and performance at work are intrinsically linked and offers practical solutions for both employers and employees to combat race and bias in the workplace. Ultimately, when minorities’ wellbeing increases, so does their resilience, performance, career prospects, and their organisation benefits as well.



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