Our Inclusive Leadership training program offers leaders a safe, non-judgmental space to examine their role in building inclusive workplaces.  

Through a unique 4-step model of behaviour change and an interactive learning approach, leaders receive clear feedback on their leadership inclusiveness and a personalised plan with practical steps to transform their workplace.  

Kandola+ provides the input, so you can see the output.

of leaders who completed our programme became more inclusive in their behaviours.
reported our programmes enabled them to identify ways to be more inclusive.
better business decisions in inclusive organisations.


Exclusion has far-reaching negative consequences that go beyond hurting your employees. It stifles innovation, hampers talent retention and damages your organisation’s overall performance. 

Inclusive leaders maximise the potential of every team member. Aware of personal biases, they ensure fair and objective decisions. Leading by example, they foster belonging and build a culture that values diversity – enabling employees and the business to thrive. 

Built on 25 years of expertise in inclusive leadership and honed through a decade of work with thousands of successful leaders, our unparalleled Inclusive Leader training program delivers unmatched content, insights, and behaviour change strategies.




When it comes to embracing diversity, leaders set the tone, but what does it mean to be an inclusive leader and why is this important?  

This stage of the programme addresses these questions through expert-led, bite-size videos that introduce the concept of inclusion, its link to diversity, and the core skills of an inclusive leader. 



The second step in behaviour change involves developing self-awareness and gaining clear insight into one’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Using our unique inclusion tools, leaders get deep, personalised insight into their own inclusiveness, including:

  • their motivations for being inclusive 
  • how their personality traits shape their inclusive leadership style 
  • their approach to inclusion dilemmas 
  • how inclusive others perceive their behaviour to be. 


This stage sees online insights shift into real-world behaviour change. 

Our intelligent platform uses the results from the insight stage to generate a personalised action plan that guides leaders to implement inclusion through challenges, nudges, and changed behaviours.  

Action plans target at-risk areas like psychological safety, diverse relationships, fair decisions, and objective judgments and outline exactly what leaders need to do to be more effective in their role.



After embedding more inclusive behaviours for a period of time, leaders take a final set of inclusion assessments that measure changes in behaviour. 

These assessments provide leaders with objective feedback showing how their efforts have made a difference. 

Measuring and demonstrating the real-world impact of learners’ efforts is essential for motivating lasting behavioural change. When learners can see concrete evidence that their actions have created meaningful change, they are inspired to further embed the new behaviours they have learned. 

The results? Team members who feel valued and a business that thrives. 



The Inclusive Leader programme is definitely the best diversity training tool I have ever used and I’m getting a lot out of it.

I think I have become a better leader. I am standing back more and micro-manage less.

It gave me such clear insight into inbuilt assumptions I was not even aware I was relying on when making decisions.

I am more conscious of being more inclusive to all members of my team to make sure they are all given equal opportunities to develop. I also regularly give feedback on work that they have done so that they feel their contributions are valued.


Goodbye guesswork, hello measurable change.

Our intelligent DEI learning platform aggregates data from inclusion assessments to provide insights into your leaders’ inclusion strengths and weaknesses.  

Track change over time and filter data to analyse your diversity and inclusion results in more depth.  

Demonstrate your DEI commitment, strengthen ESG assessments, and boost B-Corp applications with substantiated statistics.  

Kandola+ simplifies sharing your positive impact with stakeholders. 



Are you ready to create a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and fairness? 

  • Unlock personal growth 
  • Enhance job satisfaction 
  • Accelerate team performance 
  • Ignite innovation  

And watch your business go from strength to strength. 

The Kandola+ Inclusive Leader programme provides your organisation with an evidence-based approach to business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inclusive leadership training?

Inclusive leadership training is designed to equip leaders and managers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to foster inclusivity within the workplace. It aims to develop leaders who understand, appreciate, and actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Training courses can cover a range of topics, including recognising unconscious biases, creating an inclusive culture, addressing discrimination, and cultivating effective communication skills across diverse teams.  

It can empower leaders to make fair and objective decisions, embrace diverse perspectives, and create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and included. 

Why is inclusive leadership important?

Inclusive leadership has long been recognised as key to improving team performance. Research by the Harvard Business Review found that teams with inclusive leaders are 17% more likely to report that they are high performing, with 29% more likely to report collaborative behaviour. The study also found that inclusive leadership helped to reduce workplace absenteeism, with a 10% improvement in perceptions of inclusivity leading to an increase in work attendance by almost 1 day a year per employee. 

What are the key skills of an inclusive leader?

Key skills to develop inclusive leaders include: 

  • Self awareness 
  • Empathy 
  • Effective communication 
  • Cultural competence 
  • Objective decision making 
  • Openness to change 
  • The ability to manage conflicts constructively 
  • Collaboration 
  • Commitment to continuous learning 
How much does the Inclusive Leader programme cost?

We offer a tiered pricing system based on your organisation’s size. For as little as £12,500 per year, you can enrol all of your employees on one of our programmes. With our tiered pricing, there is no restriction on who learns about inclusion in your organisation. Please speak with a member of our sales team to learn more.  

What changes can I expect to see from inclusive leadership training?

Leaders learn how to create an inclusive culture, where people feel safe to be themselves and speak up and act without fearing negative consequences for their reputation or how they are perceived. They become more aware of their biases and how they impact their behaviour, helping them to make fairer and more sustainable decisions. Crucially, too, they learn how to build better professional relationships in order to build trust and nurture diverse talent across their teams. 

What should I look for in inclusive leadership training?

In a nutshell, effective inclusive leadership training delivers personal development feedback and guides leaders on practical actions they can take to be more inclusive. Feedback is critical.  

We asked 200 leaders whether they thought their leadership was below average, average or above average when it comes to inclusion. 100% said they were above average. 

If all leaders think they are good at inclusion, then nothing will change. Feedback helps them get clarity on what they are good at, and the key areas they lack. Inclusive leadership training that lacks personal feedback is doomed for failure.  

What makes you different from other online DEI learning solutions?

As well as being professional psychologists with 40 years’ experience at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, our learning focuses on achieving real-life, measurable behaviour change. 

While there are many DEI e-learning solutions out there, none of them get the results we do. We have a completion rate of 83%, compared to an average of just 35% for other providers. We also measure the real-world impact of our programmes, so you can be confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

How do you get such impactful results?

It’s all down to our unique 4-step model of behaviour change and ensuring that learning is engaging, personalised and relevant to learners. Rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach taken by a lot of DEI training, our platform provides learners with personalised feedback on their strengths and areas for development. It then generates tailored action plans, providing learners with the steps they need to take to be more inclusive and how to apply them in their roles.  

Our intelligent analytics then track these changes in real-time so you can see the impact our DEI programmes are having on your business at a touch of a button.

How long does it take to complete the Inclusive Leader Programme?

To support real and lasting behaviour change, our Inclusive Leader programme encourages people to practise new inclusive behaviours and skills in their day-to-day role as they progress through the different stages, so they aren’t designed to be completed in one sitting. Time spent ‘in the platform’ is kept to 90-120 minutes, while embedding new behaviours and habits will take several weeks. Within 28 days, new behaviours will be living and breathing in your workplace and your people will be feeling the benefits.

Can we tailor Kandola+ content to our organisation?

Certainly. We can add a welcome video from your CEO or DEI sponsor, giving you the opportunity to provide an overview of your commitment to diversity and inclusion, the work you’re doing and how the digital programme fits within your inclusion strategy. Costs for deeper modifications to a programme are available on request.

How do learners access the Inclusive Leader programme?

It’s simple! There’s no need to install any software because our platform lives online and is easily accessed on laptops, mobiles and tablet devices. We also offer two login access options – single sign-on and standard login with a work email and a newly created password.

How often do you update your Inclusive Leader programme content?

We regularly review and update our learning content so that you can benefit from our research and incorporate the latest thinking and most effective approaches to inclusion. With Kandola+, your learners will always have access to best-in-class resources and guidance that reflects current best practice.

Can our employees download programme content for offline use?

Yes. Learners can download their insight reports and action plan resources to use offline.