Combat bias, build inclusion, and transform your workplace with the Kandola+ Unconscious Bias programme.

Our evidence-based 4-step behaviour change model and interactive learning platform empower employees to recognise their unconscious biases and take meaningful action.

Online training that delivers real-world results.

of learners ACT to bust bias as a result of our programme.
more likely to attract top talent if your organisation is inclusive.
of job seekers consider diversity when thinking about accepting a job offer.


Created by psychologists with PhDs in bias and fuelled by Pearn Kandola’s 40 years of helping organisations dismantle bias, our Unconscious Bias programme helps protect you from the risks bad decisions can bring to your business.

Our unique behaviour change methodology includes a personalised action plan to help your people seamlessly integrate their newfound knowledge into their daily role, making their everyday behaviour and decision-making as bias-free as possible.   

The outcome is an organisation of individuals striving daily to prevent their biases from hindering business growth or others’ success. 



Our Unconscious Bias training provides a structured yet personalised learning experience that encompasses videos, case studies, cognitive reflection tests, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive diagnostic tools to give each learner bespoke feedback on their biases.


We’re all biased. It’s a well-established fact, yet many of us go about our lives oblivious to the impact bias is having on our own success and the success of those around us.

Inspiring, expert-led videos introduce the concept of bias, and illustrate how biases such as representation, contrast, priming and stereotypes manifest themselves in the workplace.



We’ve been helping people explore their biases in a safe and respectful way for over 25 years.

  • Implicit Association Tests (IATs) tease out any hidden bias.
  • Personalised and objective feedback equips learners to confront bias when they see it and support anyone on the receiving end.
  • Uncover biases, challenge them, and become a catalyst for positive change.



Learn where biases thrive, how to create the right conditions to avoid them and build robust prevention strategies.

A personalised action plan helps each learner limit the impact of their biases on decision-making and behaviour at work, forging a path toward a more equitable and inclusive workplace.



Elevate online learning into real-world action.

Reflect on the changes made and witness the positive ripple effect of these behaviour shifts on others. By the end of the programme, learners will be able to demonstrate tangible evidence on how they’ve become less biased.

Better decision making = better business performance.


What our learners say

This training was not what I expected. It has been an eye-opening experience, not only about other peoples biases but myself. Very interesting. I loved it!

This is such an important issue and this training was really hands-on even though it was online.

I learnt not to follow my gut instinct and be more open and receptive to everyone and all circumstances when reaching a decision

I realised I had more subconscious bias than I thought. I will definitely think more and prepare before making decisions.

The material was very well presented and it was really interesting to discover that we all have unconscious bias behavior and how they manifest without us even realising.

I found the training more insightful than I expected! It made me aware of my own biases and gave me effective tools to address them.

The tests were very eye-opening and I enjoyed getting to learn about myself.

The program was interactive and that made it fun. I gained insight into understanding unconscious bias and awareness of self.

I learned not to follow my gut instinct and be more open and receptive to everyone and all circumstances when reaching a decision.

DEI business insights you can count on

Goodbye guesswork, hello measurable change. Discover exactly how your investment is resulting in real-world behavioural change.

Our intelligent DEI learning platform aggregates from Implicit Association Tests (IATs) so you can see the prevalence of bias in your business.

With built-in measures of change and filters to delve deeper into your workplace diversity and inclusion results, you’ll get a comprehensive picture of bias in your organisation.



From personal feedback to intelligent analytics, the Kandola+ Unconscious Bias programme provides your organisations with an evidence based approach to busting bias.​ 

  • Attract the best talent 
  • Make better business decisions 
  • Ignite employee engagement  
  • Inspire different perspectives  
  • Increase representation
  • Avoid reputational risks

​Ready to say goodbye to bias?

Frequently asked questions

What is unconscious bias training?

We all have biases that we aren’t aware of. These are our unconscious biases – and they play a big part in the decisions and judgments we make about people. 

Our brains take shortcuts based on our environment and our past experiences, creating subconscious preferences that stop us from being objective. Making snap decisions or wrong judgements about someone’s skills or character on the basis of their race, age, sexuality, gender or disability can lead to discrimination and exclusion and bad decisions around hiring and performance assessment. 

When bias thrives, no one wins. People lose because they’re treated unfairly, and the organisation loses out because it fails to benefit from a diversity of skills, perspectives and experience.   

Unconscious bias training seeks to highlight and mitigate the impact of unconscious biases on our decision-making and behaviour. Our training includes diverse training materials to suit all types of learners such as videos, case studies, cognitive reflection tests, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive diagnostic tools. 

Why is unconscious bias training important in the workplace?

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, is the subconscious prejudices we all hold that influence our decision-making and behaviour. It’s formed through influences such as our upbringing, personal experiences, the media and exposure to entrenched stereotypes in society. 

Bias can have a hugely negative impact on workplace processes, interactions and the career development of marginalised groups of people. Unconscious bias training courses help to raise awareness of our subconscious prejudices and highlight the ways we can make working life fairer for everyone.  

Tackling and reducing bias leads to happier teams, better decisions, fairer treatment and enhanced performance. 

How much does the Unconscious Bias programme cost?

We offer a tiered pricing system based on your organisation’s size. For as little as £12,500 per year, you can enrol all your employees on one of our programmes. With our tiered pricing, we can ensure there is no restriction on who learns about inclusion in your organisation. Please speak with a member of our sales team to learn more.

What changes can I expect to see from unconscious bias training?

Unconscious bias training can lead to better decision-making, fairer treatment of under-represented groups, more successful hiring and more effective performance management, as well as enhanced employee engagement, greater innovation and a reduction in reputational risk.

What should I look for in unconscious bias training?

There are many different types of bias and inclusion training out there. To ensure the solution you choose delivers real, measurable impact, look for a programme that offers evidenced-backed insights and can demonstrate positive feedback from users.

Does unconscious bias training work?

Yes! If it’s done properly.

Crucially, unconscious bias training needs to deliver insights to all participants, along with clear action plans for tackling unconscious biases. Successful training programmes should be focused, relevant, continuous and contextualised.

Watch our unconscious bias webinar which tackles the myths around the effectiveness of unconscious bias training.

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What makes you different from other online DEI learning solutions?

As well as being professional psychologists with 40 years’ experience at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, our learning focuses on achieving real, measurable behaviour change.

While there are many DEI e-learning solutions out there, none of them get the results we do. We have a completion rate of 83%, compared to an average of just 35% for other providers. We also measure the real-world impact of our programmes, so you can be confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

How do you get such impactful results?

It’s all down to our unique 4-step model of behaviour change and ensuring that learning is engaging, personalised and relevant to learners. Rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach taken by a lot of DEI training, our platform provides learners with personalised feedback on their strengths and areas for development. It then generates tailored action plans, providing learners with the steps they need to take to be more inclusive and how to apply them in their roles.

Our intelligent DEI analytics then track these changes in real-time so you can see the impact our DEI programmes are having on your business at a touch of a button.

How long does it take to complete the Unconscious Bias Programme?

To support real and lasting behaviour change, our Unconscious Bias Programme encourages people to practise new behaviours and skills in their day-to-day role as they progress through the different stages, so they aren’t designed to be completed in one sitting. Time spent ‘in the platform’ is kept to 90-120 minutes, while embedding new behaviours and habits may take a couple of weeks. Within 14-28 days, new behaviours will be living and breathing in your workplace and your people will be feeling the benefits.

Can we tailor Kandola+ content to our organisation?

Certainly. We can add a welcome video from your CEO or DEI sponsor, giving you the opportunity to provide an overview of your commitment to diversity and inclusion, the work you’re doing and how the digital programme fits within your inclusion strategy. Costs for deeper modifications to a programme are available on request.

How do learners access the Unconscious Bias programme?

It’s simple! There’s no need to install any software because our platform lives online and is easily accessed on laptops, mobiles and tablet devices. We also offer two login access options – single sign-on and standard login with a work email and a newly created password. 

How often do you update your Unconscious Bias Programme content?

We regularly review and update our learning content so that you can benefit from our research and incorporate the latest thinking and most effective approaches to inclusion. With Kandola+, your learners will always have access to best-in-class resources and guidance that reflects current best practice.

Can our employees download programme content for offline use?

Yes. Learners can download their insight reports and action plan resources to use offline.