Plug in to an inclusion and diversity platform that delivers results.

Making workplaces fairer isn’t a one-person job, it’s on all of us. But how do you get everyone on board and accountable? ​

Our unique diversity and inclusion platform helps spark tangible behaviour shifts for all. ​

The difference is measurable; the effects are lasting.​

Join us in shaping a workplace where equality isn’t just talked about, it’s lived.

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Learning Programmes
See how our DE&I learning programmes can move the dial on inclusion in your business.
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Inclusion Tools
Learn how our suite of inclusion tools bust self-serving bias and deliver change.
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Inclusion Analytics
Track change over time and measure progress with our powerful DE&I analytics.
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Unleash the power of Kandola+.

An intelligent diversity, equity, and inclusion platform unmatched for behaviour change methodology, content, and insights.

Drawing on our four decades of experience and research into dismantling the barriers to DE&I in the workplace – it has everything you need for success.




People love to learn about themselves. 

Our safe, judgement-free zone offers confidential, constructive feedback on inclusion skills, mindset, and behaviours. 

Bite-size content, structured learning paths, behavioural nudges, and badges all add up to why our diversity, equity, and inclusion training delivers 96% learner engagement. 

Dive into a journey of self-discovery with Kandola+. 



Uncover personal insights and pave the way for meaningful change. 

Our inclusion assessments generate constructive feedback and personalised learning pathways. 

Learning is relevant, only focusing on actions of most value to the learner and results in people who are better equipped to become more inclusive.

People know what they need to do, and they do it! 



Reap the rewards of DE&I. 

Measure progress with inclusion assessments and colleague feedback and see the tangible impact of behaviour change. 

Experience better teamwork, improved decision-making, and greater innovation. 


What our learners say

The course was engaging and informative and gave me a lot of valuable insights into my behaviour and its impact on others.

I really found the programme insightful and educational - from hitting home early on the impact of small exclusionary behaviours.

I realised I had more subconscious bias than I thought. I will definitely think more and prepare before making decisions.

It was an eye-opener for me, most of the things I didn't realise I was actually doing. It brought more needed awareness and also made me aware of other people's behaviours towards me.

This is such an important issue and this training was really hands-on, even though it was online.

This course changed my behaviour!

This training was not what I expected. It has been an eye-opening experience, not only about other people's biases but also about myself. Very interesting. I loved it!

This course has both challenged and reassured me. I really liked being able to do the modules in my own time. The scenarios were particularly difficult but a very effective way of stretching my knowledge.


Measure real change

Every business needs to see the rewards of an investment and DEI is no different. 

Track learner engagement, pinpoint your organisation’s inclusion strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate change with your inclusion impact score. ​ 

Prove how seriously you take DE&I. Kandola+ DEI data and analytics makes sharing your positive impact with stakeholders easy.​ 


Simple to implement: Easy to use

Plug into a DE&I platform that is user-friendly, scalable, and effortless. 

Seamless integration and structured on-boarding set you up for success.   

Assign learners to programmes, track their progress, and send automatic reminders to complete outstanding training sessions.



We don’t just switch you on and say goodbye!

Your dedicated business psychologist will support you in rolling out the programme and engaging learners, checking in every quarter to discuss progress and results.  

Our client success team is only an email away with 95% of inquiries resolved within 2 hours. 


What our clients say

I love Kandola+! Combined with the practical tools and tips, I think this is a really fresh way of thinking about inclusion.

I really like that you can see analytics as a business and have access to data that can be shared with teams.

The power of Kandola+ is that it is couched in theory and research. Exactly what you'd expect from Pearn Kandola!

The level of detail of feedback from the inclusion diagnostics is impressive.

For our leaders, who seek clear guidance on what they need to do to be more inclusive, Kandola+ has been a game changer. We've seen such great results.

Kandola+ is a very clever learning platform. People love to learn about themselves and I love that people get feedback on what D&I means to them personally.

of learners become more inclusive in their daily behaviours.
of learners reported our programmes enabled them to identify ways to be more inclusive.
of learners report they are more confident to have conversations with colleagues around bias and inclusion.

Our DEI programmes

With bite-sized, expert-led videos, validated inclusion assessments, personalised action plans and impact measurement, our programmes are designed to drive tangible behaviour change, helping 96% of people become more inclusive and pave the way for business success.

Inclusive teams

Exclusion hurts! It hurts your people and your business.  

Empower your people with our Inclusive Teams programme and cement why inclusion matters in the workplace. It goes beyond awareness, delving into individual inclusion strengths and weaknesses to equip your teams with practical DEI actions to deliver change.

Ready to cultivate a workplace where people thrive?


Inclusive Leaders

When it comes to inclusion, leaders set the tone. Yet many leaders think they are more inclusive than they really are. This inclusion delusion is a major barrier to change. 

Our Inclusive Leader training provides your leaders with clear feedback on their behaviours, helping them pinpoint what needs to happen to ensure all employees feel a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to thrive. 

Ready to break free from the inclusion delusion?  


Unconscious Bias

Bias is bad for business.  

Are your employees fully aware of their unconscious expectations and stereotypes? More importantly, do they know how to combat them? 

Our Unconscious Bias training sheds light on ingrained biases and provides practical tips to beat bias for good.

Shield your business from the risks associated with poor decisions.


Diversity and inclusion case studies

Find out how we’re using our digital tools and online learning solutions to help organisations like yours create fairer and more inclusive work environments. 

Inclusive Leadership Programme For The University Of Cambridge

Read more about our work with The University of Cambridge to develop leaders who embraced difference and practised inclusion in their day-to-day role. The impact? 97% of leaders who participated in our programme demonstrated more inclusive behaviours.

Read More

Our work with NHS England and Improvement

Discover how we initiated allyship behaviours with NHS England and Improvement.

Read More


From personal feedback to intelligent analytics, Kandola+ offers all the equality, diversity and inclusion features your organisation needs for success.​

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Enhance innovation
  • Boost productivity
  • Steer clear of reputational risks 


Book a demo and watch your business thrive! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kandola+ diversity and inclusion training delivered?

Our programmes are hosted on the Kandola+ platform. Once you subscribe to a programme, our support team will ensure that you’re onboarded as quickly as possible and have all the resources you need for a successful rollout to your employees. 

How can I be sure that our people will engage with your programmes?

Our learner completion rates speak for themselves. Kandola+ diversity and inclusion learning programmes have completion rates of 83%, compared to an average of just 35% for other providers. 

Our programmes use a mix of video lessons, inclusion assessments, digital tools, interactive quizzes and self-reflective development tasks that allow learners to explore diversity and inclusion in the real world.  

We also make learning personal and relevant – built-in inclusion assessments give people instantaneous feedback on their inclusion strengths and risks and create a learning programme that’s tailored to their specific needs. Feedback is constructive and supportive, and because all learning is done in their personal account, learners have a safe space to explore how inclusive they are and try out new behaviours without fear of judgement. 

Does every learner get personalised feedback?

Yes. Kandola+ provides each learner with feedback on their inclusion strengths and areas for development and tailors their learning journey and content based on these insights. This means learners can focus on building the specific skills that need the most work, rather than wasting time on things they are already good at. 

How quickly can I get started?

Kandola+ can be activated and rolled out to your entire workforce within 24 hours of signing up. We look after this for you, with minimal work required by your HR, L&D or DEI specialist teams.

Can your diversity and inclusion platform integrate with our LMS?

Yes, we integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our team can advise you on a seamless integration with your in-house system.

Can we monitor learner engagement?

Yes, you can. Your account coordinators will have access to your organisation’s DEI analytics dashboard, which shows learner engagement rates and other key data. Our innovative diversity and inclusion analytics have filters so you can delve deeper into data for nuances and themes. Book a demo to see how this works.

How do I know your programmes will make a difference?

Our intelligent DEI analytics track behaviour change in real time. At the touch of a button, you can see the impact our DEI programmes are having on your business and how they are improving your workplace culture.

How do you protect our data?

Security and data privacy are a priority for us, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients have nothing to worry about when it comes to how their information is stored and processed. All our staff are trained on information security. We conduct monthly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests to prevent malicious attacks on our systems and our data is stored on AWS EC2 servers in the United Kingdom. AWS is a well-architected, secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure designed for these typical software applications and workloads. AWS is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.  

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Kandola+ is committed to respecting the privacy of all website visitors, clients and contacts. Our Privacy Policy provides an overview of the way we collect, process and protect your personal information in accordance with the EU GDPR, UK GDPR and all other applicable laws relating to the processing of personal data.  

It will help you understand how we use and protect the information you provide, or that we obtain or hold about you, and what your privacy rights are in relation to this and how the law protects you.   

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